Since the outbreak of COVID-19, how the world sees heroes has changed. Now, as millions of healthcare professionals put on their masks and go to work, they do so knowing that they risk their health and their lives for the sake of others, every day. 
As a tribute to NHS and frontline workers, Scottish singer-songwriter Dan Healy and Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choirhave collaborated to produce “The Forgotten Ones”, a charity single dedicated to thanking and celebrating those behind the masks. 
Over 150 members of the public, frontline workers and healthcare professionals contributed to the video in support for the 'NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Urgent Appeal', to say "Thank You" to the "forgotten ones"
In aid of NHS Charities Together’s COVID-19 Urgent Appeal, downloads from “The Forgotten Ones” go to supporting the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Dan Healy is a Scottish singer-songwriter, actor and rhythm guitarist. The artist behind the critically acclaimed EP “Fragile,” he is a songwriter for Concord Publishing, where he works with artists from London, Nashville and Los Angeles. Dan is a frequent writing collaborator with Ronan Keating, as well as a regular session player for many other artists. As an actor, Dan has performed at London’s West End, Toronto and Los Angeles. Most recently, Dan appeared as the lead in “Once The Musical” during the show’s widely celebrated first UK tour.

Also on the track are internationally acclaimed session musicians: Greg Bone on guitar, Liam Bradley on drums and percussion, Keith Duffy on bass and Johnny McCullough on keyboards. Collectively, the group have performed countless shows and studio recordings with the likes of Van Morrison, Mick Jagger, Sinead O’Connor, Robbie Williams, Ronan Keating, Kylie Minogue, Boyzone, Tom Jones and more. 

Sisters Ruth and Joyce O’Leary comprise the Irish Rock Violinists known as Sephira, an internationally acclaimed performance duo. In addition to multiple international tours, Sephira have produced three full-length studio albums, and have performed with global sensations Andrea Bocelli, Kanye West, Enya, and more.

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Founded in the mid 2010s, the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust Choir consists of Lewisham and Greenwich NHS professionals. In addition to multiple singles and full-length studio albums, the Choir has performed on iTV as well as major events and venues including  Glastonbury Festival, The FA Cup Final, Royal Albert Hall and more. All royalties earned by choir members through album sales or appearance fees are paid into Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust’s charitable funds. 



Thank You

Production credit of “The Forgotten Ones” track belongs to Paul Casey of Cable Junction Studio. Choral arrangement by Ben Goddard. Mastering credit goes to Denis Blacham of Skye Mastering, while the music video was produced by Scott Beer. PR and Communications were led by Jane Fields and Lexi Wangler. Logos and album artwork by Jay Biethan. 

The Forgotten Ones was written and recorded by Dan Healy and Jason Clarke, courtesy of XX. 

About NHS Charities Together’s COVID-19 Urgent Appeal



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